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Tohru and Kyo’s Daughter-in-law
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Professional Status
Affiliation Sohma Family
Spouse Unnamed Husband
Children Unnamed Daughter
Extended Family

Kyo Sohma (Father-in-law)
Tohru Honda (Mother-in-law)
Hajime Sohma (Brother-in-law)
Unnamed Sister-in-law
Kazuma Sohma (Adoptive Grandfather-in-law)
Unnamed Grandfather-in-law
Unnamed Grandmother-in-law
Katsuya Honda (Grandfather-in-law)
Kyoko Honda (Grandmother-in-law)

Manga Chapter 136
Anime Season 3, Episode 13
Voice Actors
Japanese Rie Kawamura (2019 anime)
Rei Mochizuki (Drama CD)
English Alexis Tipton

She is the future wife of Tohru and Kyo's second son and the mother of his child, as well as the daughter-in-law of Tohru and Kyo Sohma.


She appears to be a fair-skinned woman with a pair of light-colored, round eyes. She has straight, brown hair which reaches down to her shoulders, along with two locks of hair tucked behind her ears and thin bangs framing her eyelashes. During her debut, she is seen wearing a simple blouse, a long skirt, and an apron.


She seems to have good manners and a strong personality, as she strictly yet calmly tells her daughter to not call her grandparents by their given names. However, she also appears to be a loving wife and mother and is fond of her parents-in-law, wanting them to enjoy their private lovey-dovey time together.[1]

Story Overview[]

During her debut, she is seen baking a cake in their home. Her daughter arrives and questions her about Tohru and Kyo’s whereabouts, and she scolds her daughter for referring her grandparents by their given names. Her father, who was helping out in the kitchen, tells her that Tohru and Kyo are taking a walk in the garden. After she tells her daughter to not interrupt their private “lovey-dovey” time together, she, her father, and mother, talk about their love fondly.[1]


  • She is credited as Mother (母親) for Drama CD and Woman (女性) for 2019 Anime.



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