Tomokazu Seki
Tomokazu Seki
Kanji 関 智一
Rōmaji Seki Tomokazu
Gender Male
Birthday September 8, 1972
Professional Status
Occupation Voice Actor

Tomokazu Seki is a Japanese actor, voice actor, and singer. He is the Japanese voice of Kyo Sohma of Fruits Basket.


Personal life


He has performed the voices for several anime roles and is noted for Toya Kinomoto in Cardcaptor Sakura series, Shinichi Chiaki in Nodame Cantabile, Gilgamesh in Fate/stay night, Rob Lucci in One Piece, Kenji in Pokemon and Whisper in Yōkai Watch.

Fruits Basket Voicing

He did not reprised his role as Kyo in Fruits Basket (2019 Anime).


  • He is born as year of Rat.


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