• I live in Somewhere...
  • I was born on August 18
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female

Hey people! You can call me Kitty or Kittykat. I adore Fruits Basket so much! I love to draw, dance, do gymnastics, watch anime, read manga, be with friends and go crazy!

When I take a quiz to see which Furuba chara I am I usually get Tohru! <3

And guess what! Last night, (night in the 7/1/13), Furuba made it into one of my dreams. That's two of my fandoms that have gotten in!

So, I like characters that have a personality like Kyo, and Jayfeather (from one of my fave book series "Warriors"). And because of that. I had a dream that Kyo and I liked each other. But I couldn't help remembering he had a monster form (and his monster form scares me crazy! Like when they tell you whats on the next episdode, they said "Does it frighten you?" and I was like, "Yes, it scared the crap outta me!" Lol. But it was a really weird dream.

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