aka Mai

  • I live in Chicago
  • I was born on June 13
  • I am Female

Hi. I am 13, i watch anime, play video games, and not ashamed...i watch fruits basket, moon phase, fairy tail,kenichi, sword art online ect. And youtubers like aphmau, skydoesminecraft, sssniperwolf, ect. Cartoons, young justice, justice league, batman stuff, yugioh, sonic x..ect. i have open my own deviant art, my name is laurmau4life101..i would love if you check me out on deviant art.. and i would be more then happy to take request on what to draw..oh yeah, i ship litteraly everything... and i have a brother and sister who watches stuff like, dbz, no game no life, seven deadly sins, attack on titain, bleach, and alot more. So request anything..but if its a naughty, or mean request ill jist ignore you 

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