Hello all!!! Just a quick rant about my anime life which a lot of you will probably find boring and you don't even need to be reading this!!! If you are still here, hi!

Well I'm talking about Fruits Baskets (duh...) It was my first anime ever! I don't think that starting with a different one would make me love anime as much as I do now. Its just so GOOD. The way I found out about it is pretty weird, here is the story:

Im a HUGE miraculous LB fan and I was looking through one MLB fanpage's insta story. They had an anime edit repost on their story and I was looking for an audio for an edit I was making so I thought why not. I opened it watch the edit and IDK what happened but my mind was like dlfdjslfsdlk forget about the song these characters are too cute. So I looked through the hashtags to try and find out what anime this was. I find #fruitsbasket and I googled it to see if that's what it was called. Sure enough, there was an anime called fruits basket and im like alright and I spent the rest of that night binge watching half the season.

Yep and from there I found some more anime's I loveee and yaya now I'm a crazy anime watcher person. Yeet... -🌈

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