"Sir, what is this letter I'm reading?", Akito said as she was reading the letter. "It kind of looks like...

She looked at Shigure, he looked at her back..." I..."

"wrote it? You did, I was your boyfriend, and you loved me and I loved you, but you wanted to forget a curse, so you had your memory erased and you made a new life" Shigure said, almost to tears.

Akito finished reading the letter, her eyes shifted..."Shigure...?"

"AKITO! I knew you would remember, I missed you so much, I'm so glad you're back!" Shigure said with glee.

Akito:"Why did you come, I told you I wanted to be alone and not remember the horrible thngs that have happened beacuse of me and that stupid curse, why?"

"Because I love you, I wanted to remember you, it was killing me that the love of my life was slipping away from me, I was afraid I'd never see you again, I LOVE YOU, please don't leave me..." and Shigure began crying.

Akito began crying as well and she embraced him. He looked up at her and she said, "I'm not going anywhere then, if my love isn't happy with my new life, then I'll go back, we can start over again in Japan, where we'll be happy forever, without the curse."

"You know something, ever since we fell in love, the curse began to weaken, and as the years went by, it faded away, and now I know it's truly gone because now true love has broken the barriers forever", Shigure said.

And the two lovers kissed.....

I was so happy when you smiled, you smile breaks through the clouds of gray, far from the sunny days and lie here and sleep, waiting with patience for the spring, when the flowers will bloom renewed again, knowing there's more beyond the pain of today, although the scars of yesterday remain, you can go on living as much as your heart believes, you can't be born again, although you can change, let's stay together always.


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