"Were you looking for me, sir?", a woman asked.

Shigure turned around and couldn't believe his eyes. It really was Akito. She dyed her hair red, was wearing punk clothes although Shigure could see the tattered kimono underneath and was holding a handful of cash.

"Um, sir?" Akito said.

"Yes, yes, Akito I've found you, my love!!!", Shigure replied.

"YOUR LOVE????" Akito responded.

"Why, yes, my dear, don't you...

It suddenly occurred to him. Akito had said in her letter that she had Hatori brainwash her, now she didn't remember anything from the past.

"Look, sir. We just met, how can I be your love?" Akito asked.

"It's nothing, you just remind me of my old girlfriend," Shigure lied, wanting to die.

"Well why don't we sit down and have coffee and just talk?" Akito said.

"Sure" Shigure said, still mortified that Akito didn't remember, "the coffee at Starbucks is great, I hear."

"Oh, it's AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", Akito explained, giggling as she walked to that coffee shop with her unknown boyfriend, or should I say ex-boyfriend?

Anyway, when they got there, Shigure ordered a regular coffee while Akito got a latte. They sat down at a table and talked, although Akito did most of the talking. Shigure just listened, thinking of how Akito could get back to her old self again. He had been thinking for about 5 minutes when the next thing that Akito said made him feel happy and guilty at the same time: "Sir, what is this letter I'm reading?"

To be continued in Part Four!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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