"Sir, what is this letter I'm reading?", Akito asked.

Shigure froze, not knowing what to say. He was happy that she found it that perhaps it would restore any memory she had of him, but he soon was sad because Hatori erased everything, but could that letter do the trick?

"It's an old letter from my girlfriend, um, Amara Sonja", Shigure lied. "we broke up since last year and, um, i was kind of looking for her, hoping she would take me back, but now I'm not so sure, she problably forgot about me..."

Akito wasn't listening. She was reading the letter over and over, trying to make sense of it. She recognized it was her handwriting, but she didn't remember writing it...ever.

"Uh, this letter, was it written by me?", she asked, already knowing the answer.

Shigure almost cried, he thought he had her back. "why, yes it was"

"cause i don't remember ever writing this, it seems familiar, though", Akito replied.

Shigure then cried. He cried for the longest time, 30 minutes. she didn't remember anything. then it occurred to him, why did he even go to America? she wouldn't have remembered anything, no matter what he did.

After he finished sobbing, he noticed she was gone. She had left her latte, empty. He saw a note on the table, he read it.

It said, "Dear Sir, I'm sorry I don't remember writing this, it was obviously important to you. I just can't trace it. But i deduce that you were my boyfriend at one point, we were happy, by the way you cried. I probably hit my head hard or was brainwashed and don't remember a thing. Well, i have left to San Diego to start my job taking care of animals at the zoo. Goodbye, Akito Sohma."

At the end of the letter, like the other one, Akito had kissed it, leaving lip marks.

Shigure got up and smiled. He left back to Japan.

Back at his office, he wondered if Akito had known for a minute, maybe for some seconds, her past life, but the brainwash came back. Whatever, he thought. She's happy now.

Later, he went to bed. before he dozed off, he began to sing,

I was so happy when you smile Your smile breaks through the clouds of grey Far from the sunny days that lie in sleep Awaiting the patience for the spring when the flowers will bloom renewed again Knowing there's more beyond the pain of today

      • Chorus***

Although the scars from yesterday remain, You can go on living as much as your heart believes Welcome to You can't be born again although you can change Let's stay together always


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