A plane soared by, leaving Tokyo. It's destination, San Francisco, California, U.S.A. It's passengers: business men, family members, crazy teens and Shigure Sohma. His mission: to find his love, Akito Sohma, who wrote a goodbye letter to him and started a new life, and he was determined to find her.

When Shigure got off the plane, he got settled into a hotel. In his suite, he unpacked his things: one suit, another kimono, sushi he bought from the supermarket, a comb and Akito's letter. He reclined on his bed and thought about where to find Akito. He tried the phone book and found three different people with the same name. He dialed each of the numbers, hoping one of them was the Akito he knew and loved. The first was a lady that had her name misspelled in the phonebook, her name was Amara Sonja, not Akito Sohma. The second number was Akito's old location in Japan and the last one was a senior citizen that changed her name to Akito Sohma. Shigure was depressed, but didn't give up. He went on the internet and looked her up. There was only one site that could find her. Shigure clicked the link and waited for it to load. But it was just someone else who used it as a username. Shigure broke down and cried. He came all this way to get Akito back, and he couldn't find her, no matter how hard he tried. Then he saw Akito's letter again. He reread it, then stopped crying, stood up and tried the weirdest thing: he took a megaphone and used it by calling her name. He searched all of the city, but couldn't find her. He broke down and cried again giving up. He was only there for 5 minutes when someone said, "Hey, were you looking for me, sir?"

Shigure was shocked and turned around.

To be continued in Part Three!!

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