Volume 1
Another vol1
Volume Information
Author Natsuki Takaya
Publication date August 19, 2016 (Japanese)
July 24, 2018 (English)
Published by Yen Press (English)
ISBN ISBN 978-4592218517 (Japanese)
ISBN 978-1975353391 (English)
Cover Character(s) Sawa Mitoma
Volume 23 Volume 2

Volume 1 is the first volume of Fruits Basket Another.


Sawa Mitoma, a nervous, skittish girl who prefers minimal human interaction, has started high school, and it's already not going well... ...until she meets the "it" boys- the "prince-like" Mutsuki and the sharp-tongued Hajime. But little does she know, they're Sohmas?! It's Fruits Basket...again!