Volume 2
Volume Information
Author Natsuki Takaya
Publication date June 18, 1999 (Japanese)
April 13, 2004 (English)
Published by Tokyopop (former)
Yen Press (current)
ISBN ISBN 978-4-592-17162-1 (Japanese)
ISBN 978-1-59182-604-03 (English)
Cover Character(s) Yuki Sohma
Volume 1 Volume 3

Volume 2 is the second volume of Fruits Basket.


Tokyopop Version

Ever since Tohru Honda discovered the Zodiac secret of the Sohma clan, her eyes havebeen opened to a world of magic and wonder. But with such a great secret comes great responsibility. When her best friends Hana-chan and Uo-chan come to the Sohma house for a sleepover, Tohru has her work cut out for her keeping the "Cat" in the bag and the "Dog" on a leash.