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Volume 2
Another vol2
Volume Information
Author Natsuki Takaya
Publication date September 20, 2017 (Japanese)
November 13, 2018 (English)
Published by TBA (Japanese)
Yen Press (English)
ISBN ISBN 978-4592218524 (Japanese)
TBA (English)
Cover Character(s) Mutsuki Sohma
Volume 1 Volume 3

Volume 2 is the second volume of Fruits Basket Another.


School's no longer an endless pit of anxiety and solitary lunches for Sawa thanks to the Sohmas. She's joined the student council and made new friends who don't abandon her no matter how painfully awkward or useless she is-they don't even get angry when she screws up or starts blabbering gibberish! Though social interactions are still daunting, people don't seem to be as scary anymore-at least, until another Sohma appears?!