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White Day
S1E12-2001 (45)
Episode Information
Kanji 第十二話
Rōmaji Dai Juu Ni Banashi
Air Date September 20, 2001 (JP)
January 20, 2003 (US)
Chapters 18
Staff Information
Director Yoshito Hata (JP)
Justin Cook (US)
Script Rika Nakase (JP)
Jeremy Carlile, John Burgmeier (US)
Storyboard Harumi Tamano
Animation Director Toshiko Sasaki
Music Information
Opening For Fruits Basket
Ending Chiisana Inori
Everybody Loves Chocolate A New School Term Starts!

White Day (第十二話, Dai Juu Ni Banashi) is the twelfth episode of Fruits Basket 2001 Anime.


Momiji takes Tohru on a trip to a Sohma-owned hot spring where the hostess happens to be part of the family! Tohru can’t help but wonder - could this be another member of the zodiac?


It is recollected that Tohru had saved up to buy chocolates for her friends so Momiji gave her a white day present, an all expenses trip to a hot spring.

Yuki and Kyo have come to keep Tohru company in a private charter bus and she envisions herself as a princess.

Arriving at Sohma hot springs, Tohru meets the hostess of the hot springs and is terrified by her. Introduced to their room they survey the garden, and their rooms are allotted.

Tohru is given time to herself to enjoy the hot spring, on the other side of the dividing fence Momiji begins singing a song he made up. Tohru joins in singing and becomes dizzy before losing consciousness.

Awakening, she receives the photo of her mother back from Ritsu. With Yuki, Kyo and Momiji the four of them eat dinner before Ritsu and the head chef join them.

By night time Tohru thinks to try the bath again. Ritsu shares details of her child being one of the zodiacs, born under the sign of the monkey. She had concerns of an outsider presenting a problem for them but no such concerns having gotten to know Tohru.

Inside they come across Yuki and Kyo playing ping pong. Kyo is not going to go easy on Tohru because she is a girl. Tohru follows Yuki who has retired outside. He finds the way she swung and missed the ball to be exceptionally funny. He presents a white day present to her, a ribbon for her hair.

Thinking to her mother on the many princes in the Sohma family, Tohru considers herself the luckiest girl in the world.

It is announced that Momiji and Hatsuharu are joining their school and Tohru learns they are the same age, unsure which part to be surprised about most.

Shigure also has a white day present, it is suitable clothing for cleaning the house.



  • White Day is celebrated one month after Valentine's Day. Usually, boys would return gifts as a sign of their return feelings towards girls who gave them Valentine presents.
    • Though typically, other countries don't have a White Day. So both men and women exchange gifts on Valentine's Day.


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