You Will, I'm Sure
S2E17-2019 (306)
Episode Information
Kanji あります、きっと・・・・・
Rōmaji Arimasu, kitto
Air Date July 27, 2020 (JP)
Chapters 76, 77
Staff Information
Music Information
Opening Home
Ending Eden
Ask Him For Me Wanna Kiss?

You Will, I'm Sure (あります、きっと・・・・・, Arimasu, kitto) is the seventeenth episode of the second season of the Fruits Basket 2019 Anime.


Tohru and her classmates are in Kyoto for their school trip to create some lifelong memories.


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  • The episode title is taken from one of Tohru Honda’s lines.
  • This episode adapts Chapters 76 and 77 from the manga covering Tohru's class trip to Kyoto. There were a fair number of scenes shortened or changed in some elements between the anime and manga for this episode, particularly in what was adapted of Chapter 77's events.

Anime and Manga Differences

  • Before Tohru realized she forgot about the school trip, she was shown with a more dumbstruck expression in the manga. In the same scene, there is a removed line from Shigure where he commented that most people wouldn’t forget about something important like a school trip.
  • When Shigure had told Tohru to enjoy the school trip, he had patted her on the head in the manga afterward.
  • When Yuki told Tohru it was doubtful Kyo would accept any love confession, there were close shots shown of Yuki and Tohru shown afterward that were removed from the anime.
  • A small part of the confession scene with Kyo and a female classmate got removed for the anime.
  • When the two male classmates were shown against at Kyo's lack of interest in love, they had a few more lines they spoke in the manga.
  • There were some differences in the scene following the confession:
    • The two male classmates following Tohru and her friends while yelling they want girlfriends was added for the anime.
    • The anime removed the mention that Arisa was scolded by Mayu for getting confrontational with the female classmate she interacted with.
    • The captions shown when Yuki strikes Kyo's head were added for the anime.
    • A small bit of the scene at the end was removed showing Arisa joining in on annoying Kyo and the Sohma telling her to shut up.
  • After realizing she was separated from her classmates, there is a small bit in the manga showing Tohru wondering if Yuki and Kyo will be okay after noticing a large crowd.
  • While talking with Kyo in the manga, Tohru is unaware that she drops her wallet and later panics when she realizes she dropped it.
  • At the end of Chapter 76's adapted events, there is a removed scene showing some teachers concerned over hearing that male and female students are sleeping together. Mayuko gets word of this and follows the teachers into the female students' room, only to see that Tohru and her friends have turned in early for sleep.
  • Some bits of the scene where male students were trying to wake Yuki up were depicted in “stick figure” drawing style in the manga at the point where a half-awake Yuki starts moving around and hits his head on a wall.
  • The scene at the shrine with the deer had some differences:
    • More deer are shown at the shrine in the manga.
    • There is a scene removed from the anime where Saki comments that she has a feeling that she seen Kakeru somewhere before with Tohru. Hearing this leads Tohru to become shocked with Yuki trying to calm her down and Arisa becoming annoyed with Saki creating a misunderstanding.
    • Small bits of the scene were rearranged in their order in the anime that included another deer coming up for food, the group wondering where they'd be going next, and a couple students informing everyone they were going by bus to their next destination.
  • Yuki and Kakeru remained near the souvenir shop in the manga when they have their conversation regarding the latter's interest in Tohru.
  • A small caption mentioning porn is for anyone 18 or older was added in the anime when Kakeru jokingly says to Kimi that Yuki won't be his friend unless he shows Yuki his porn collection.
  • A small part of Kakeru's conversation with Yuki and Kimi was removed from the anime where he mentions he will reveal his reasons for his interest in Tohru to Yuki at a later time.


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