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Yuki Sohma

Yuki Sohma Edition

Yuki Sohma

Yuki Sohma-2019

Yuki Sohma-2001

Kanji 草摩 由希
Rōmaji Sōma Yuki
Also known as Prince (by Arisa)
Princess Yuki (by Haru)
Damn Yuki (by Kyo)
Rat-boy (by Kyo)
Yun-chan (by Kagura)
Yunyun (by Kakeru and Kimi)
President (by students)
Gender Male
Age 16 (Beginning of the series)
18 (End of the series)
Height 170.5 cm / 5'7"
Weight 54 kg / 119 lbs
Hair Color Light Grey (Manga, 2019 Anime)
Greyish Purple (2001 Anime)
Eye Color Dark Grey (Manga, 2019 Anime)
Purple (2001 Anime)
Blood Type A
Cursed Year Rat
Actual Year Dog
Astrological Sign Virgo
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Affiliation Sohma Family
Kaibara Municipal High School
Parents Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Siblings Ayame Sohma (Older Brother)
Spouse Machi Kuragi (Wife)
Children Mutsuki Sohma (Son)
Extended Family Unnamed Father-in-law
Unnamed Mother-in-law
Unnamed Brother-in-law
Kakeru Manabe (Brother-in-law)
Mine Kuramae (Sister-in-law)
Hibika Sohma (Niece)
Chizuru Sohma (Nephew)
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1 (2001)
Episode 1 (2019)
Voice Actors
Japanese Aya Hisakawa (2001)
Nobunaga Shimazaki (2019)
Miyuri Shimabukuro (Young, 2019)
English Eric Vale
Kate Bristol (Young, 2001)
Amanda Lee (Young, 2019)
I wish I could’ve lived my life without making any wrong turns. But that’s impossible. A path like that doesn’t exist. We fail. We trip. We get lost. We make mistakes. And little by little, one step at a time, we push forward. It’s all we can do. On our own two feet.

—Yuki Sohma

Yuki Sohma (草摩 由希, Sōma Yuki, "Yuki Soma"[1]) is one of the deuteragonists of the Fruits Basket series. He is the younger son of his parents and the younger brother of Ayame Sohma by ten years.

Yuki is the Rat of the Chinese Zodiac. Known to his classmates with various nicknames such as "Prince Charming," Yuki is depicted as an attractive, reserved, and accomplished young man with many admirers. However, due to his broken family, abusive childhood, and the effects of the Curse, Yuki has severe self-esteem issues and feels isolated. He has a fan club at school named Prince Yuki Fan Club, though the result is that Yuki feels further isolated.

Yuki lives together with Shigure Sohma, and the two are later joined by Kyo Sohma and Tohru Honda. As he gets to know Tohru, he begins thinking he's in love with her, but later realizes he had been looking for a mother figure in her. Fueled by Tohru's kindness, Yuki finds the courage to stand up to his own weaknesses, and eventually becomes president of the student council despite his misgivings. In the process, he becomes best friends with Kakeru Manabe and falls in love with Machi Kuragi.

In Fruits Basket Another, he is married to Machi and the father of Mutsuki Sohma, his son acting as one of the main characters.


Yuki - Full Body

Yuki's full appearance in the anime.

Yuki is a fair-skinned teenage boy of an average build and height. He is noted by his peers to be very beautiful with a feminine and prince-like appearance, and is often admired for his looks. Yuki, however, has a complex about his feminine face.

Yuki has light-grey eyes and nape-length, straight, dark-grey hair, worn in straight bangs which frames his eyes, coupled with two longer strands of his bangs hanging loose at each side of his face. He also has several cowlicks sticking out from his hair.

Yuki wears the standard Kaibara High uniform for males, which consists of a blue sweater (white during summertime) with white color around the edges, and a yellow shirt underneath (white in the anime). Like most of the other students, Yuki wears his school uniform buttoned with a light-blue necktie. On other occasions, he mainly dresses in light colors, such as blue and white, and is often seen wearing clothes in such colors. He is also seen wearing Chinese-style clothes and collared or tight-fitting clothes. Later on, however, it is seen that Yuki slowly changes his style by wearing looser clothing.


Although Yuki is viewed as a perfect, untouchable prince by most of his peers at school, and displays a very kind, charming, and level-headed personality,[2] he has a multitude of issues which has stemmed from the abuse he received during his childhood; he has severely low self-esteem, feels isolated and lonely, is terrified of rejection, and struggles to communicate his true feelings in a natural way. Yuki is also acutely attentive to his actions and how they may be perceived by others, resulting in Yuki having a very cold and closed off countenance. He feels like he is trapped in the façade of the ideal prince everyone loves from afar, because he was convinced that no one would ever accept his real self. In fact, rather than being admired from afar, Yuki wishes to have friends of his own, and envies Kyo for being able to socialize more easily than he can.[3] Despite his refined appearance, Yuki is also awkward, is terrible at cleaning and cooking, and lazy around the house.[4]

However, Yuki gradually begins to recover from his past issues and changes thanks to Tohru's influence. But Kakeru and Machi, in particular, help Yuki open up more and expresses his feelings frequently as well. As time goes on, Yuki lets himself enjoy life the way he wasn't able to before, and becomes a genuinely happier person. He becomes more outspoken, stubborn, and relaxed; not as worried about upholding his image as a prince. Because of this, Yuki begins showing more of his sarcastic, fun-loving, mischievous, teasing, cheeky, and sometimes arrogant personality, often saying things that make fun of or provoke other people. However, he is also known to be very a considerate, wise, and emphasizing person as he has always been. Yuki also admits that he feels how unfair and self-serving his way of blaming his problems on others was, and therefore focuses on work with the bad things about himself and stop looking for something or someone to blame. Yuki even decides to forgive despite all the pain she inflicted on him, simply because he wanted to move on with his life, unbound by the pain of the past.[5]

Yuki has always unintentionally sought Tohru's friendship, listening ear, and understanding quite often, and has benefited from Hatsuharu Sohma's and Ayame's affection for him whenever he's in a tight spot he is unable to get himself out of. When this trait is pointed out to him, however, he resolves to change himself into a person who can give back as much as he receives. Yuki also reveals that he is a greedy and selfish person, admitting that he doesn't want to solely receive, he wants to be someone's equal and give something only he can give.[6] This is why his relationship with Machi means so much to him, since only he can give her the support and acceptance she yearned for considering how well he understands her, and vice-versa. It is also shown that once he cares about someone, he will make an effort to ensure that they are happy and satisfied.[7] Yuki is also able to reach out to Kakeru and teach him about true loneliness, to which the latter calls Yuki his "teacher".[8] Towards the end, Yuki has acknowledged his own growth, from a weak person who wasn’t good at making connections with other people, to a strong, independent, and full-fledged "human being", in which he thanks Tohru for helping him become the man he is today.[9][10]


Staying at the main house

Yuki was favored being born as the Rat, and while his parents were neither rejecting or overprotective, they used Yuki as a tool to acquire wealth and status for themselves within the Sohma family. Meanwhile, his older brother Ayame has been unfavored since Yuki was born, since the Snake is not as valuable as the Rat. As a result, his parents let Ayame do whatever he wanted growing up, which caused an enormous rift between Yuki and his older brother.[11]

Meeting Akito Sohma

S1E12-2019 (254)

Yuki locked up in Akito's room.

As a young child, Yuki was plagued with severe asthma that inhibited him from doing most things. When he was still very young, his mother sold him off to Akito due to him being the Rat and therefore the "closest to God". For a few years, Akito kept Yuki as a playmate and they would constantly stay in Akito's room and play together. Occasionally, Akito would have angry outbursts, but would always calm down moments after.

At some point, however, Akito's mind went completely insane and she proceeded to torment Yuki for years. Yuki was verbally, emotionally, and especially psychologically abused by Akito; he was locked up in a windowless, dark room for days on end while Akito convinced him that no one would accept him for who he is, that he was absolutely worthless and that no one would ever come to save him. He was also told that everyone, including his family and several Zodiacs such as Kyo and Hatsuharu, hated him.[12]

Meeting Kyo Sohma

During the Sohma's annual banquet, Yuki was always by Akito's side and never interacted with anyone; in fact, he had never exchanged a single word with the other Zodiacs, not even his older brother. Later on, Yuki heard about the Cat, Kyo Sohma, who isn't part of the Zodiac and therefore cannot join in the banquet. Yuki snuck out to meet Kyo and was instantly taken by his "pretty orange hair". Yuki meekly tried to befriend Kyo, but the moment Kyo found out that Yuki was the Rat, he began yelling at Yuki that he hated him, that his very existence had only brought him misfortune, and that he would be better of dead. Yuki was devastated and began crying. He went to his mother for consoling, but she slapped him and shouted for him to go back to Akito's side.

Because of this event, Yuki began thinking Akito's words were true, that he was hated and that his existence was unnecessary. His last attempt at saving himself from Akito's abuse was by going to Ayame for help, but he was instantly rebuked.[12]

Making his first friends

Since he was the Rat, Yuki was forced to attend a famous private school where he didn't know anyone. In reality, Yuki wanted to go to school with Kyo and the other Zodiac members instead.

Because of his abuse at the hands of Akito, Yuki did everything he could to avoid other people, since he had no idea how to interact with his peers and since he didn’t want to be hated by even more people. That is, until a group of boys invited Yuki to play football and gleefully asked him to be their friend. Yuki was overjoyed, and quickly adjusted to his happy life with his new friends.

S1E2-2019 (114)

Yuki was accidentally hugged by one of his female classmates.

One day when he was playing tag with his friends, a girl accidentally bumped into Yuki and he transformed into a Rat. Because of this, Hatori Sohma was forced to erase Yuki's friends' memories. Yuki begged and cried for Hatori to not, since they were the first friends he had ever made, but to no avail. Thereafter, as expected, his friends didn't know who he was anymore, leading Yuki to despise Hatori and closing himself off from people once again. He also asked Akito if he truly was so strange that he had to keep the Curse a secret, to which Akito replied that he did have to, since it was strange for a little boy to transform into a rat. She also told him that any normal person would be repulsed if they knew.[12][4]

Meeting Tohru Honda

One day while Yuki was still feeling down due to the situation with his friends, Yuki saw a hat flying off to his direction in the streets, and to his surprise, it belonged to Kyo. Yuki attempted to give it back to Kyo, but the latter harshly refused and went back to his adoptive father. This was the final straw and the last ounce of rejection, as Yuki broke down in tears and thought about the things he had always wanted: a parent who would hold him close, a home he wanted to return to, a place where he could laugh with everyone, and a "himself" that no one would leave.[12]

After losing his first and only friends and after the incident with Kyo, Yuki lost his will to live. As a result, Yuki's asthma worsened, but his family showed even more indifference towards his worsening state, both physically and psychologically. Akito's negative words were engraved deep into Yuki's mind, yet Yuki wanted to do something useful in a dark world that hated him.

S1E1-2019 (206)

Yuki gave Tohru his hat.

And when he found a young Tohru Honda sitting alone and crying in the neighborhood, having been separated from her mother, Yuki was able to guide Tohru back to her neighborhood so she could reunite with her mother. When he had accomplished in doing so, Yuki gave her his hat. After helping Tohru, it gave Yuki the hope to keep living. He understood that there is happiness in the world, and what’s more, he helped make it happen. However, being confined by Akito only filled him with resignation and despair, and he once again became "weak" and unable to reach out to people.[13]

Meeting Hatsuharu Sohma

S1E9-2019 (301)

Yuki was confronted by Hatsuharu.

Sometime after Yuki's meeting with Tohru, Hatsuharu Sohma, the Ox of the Zodiac, confronted Yuki. He told Yuki that he hated him and that it was his fault that people constantly called him stupid, due to the story of how the Rat tricked the Ox to become first in the zodiac. After Yuki asked Hatsuharu whether he believes he is stupid, Hatsuharu realized the mental trap and that he was in fact not stupid, to which Yuki told him that he believed him. Hatsuharu has since loved Yuki.[14]

Occasionally, Yuki would watch Hatsuharu and Kyo perform martial arts, and while Yuki expressed an interest in it, he was always refrained to do anything by Akito. It is also mentioned by Hatsuharu that at some unspecified point, Yuki became mute due to the trauma he had suffered.

Freed from main house

S1E12-2019 (310)

Yuki begged Shigure to be freed.

Since Hatsuharu loved Yuki, he would occasionally come to check up on him when he was locked up in Akito's room. It is stated that Isuzu Sohma would join too, but she would stay outside to protect Hatsuharu from trouble.[15] Eventually, Hatsuharu grew sick of how Yuki was always suffering, and realizing how emotionally drained Yuki was, Hatsuharu begged Shigure to save Yuki and let him live in his house outside of the Sohma compound. Thanks to Hatsuharu's pleads, Yuki was eventually to leave the Sohma estate and live with Shigure.[16][15]

Story Overview

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Fruits Basket

First Year Arc

When he coincidentally meets Tohru Honda at his doorstep, he is polite and they become good friends. On this same night, Shigure and him find Tohru exhausted, coming home from work and climbing into her tent. They offer her to stay and live with them which she accepts. The next day, Tohru finds out about the Sohma Curse. She then becomes the only person outside of the Sohma to know of their secret.[2][4]

Second Year Arc

S1E12-2019 (261)

Tohru defends Yuki from Akito.

On the first day as a second-year student, Tohru meets Akito Sohma and when Yuki sees Tohru with Akito, he rushes towards them. Akito confronts Yuki for skipping the New Year's celebration, in which Yuki begins quivering in fear. Suddenly, Tohru pushes Akito away to protect Yuki. After Akito leaves the ground, Tohru realizes that Yuki needs to clear his mind and invites him to play badminton with her, her friends, Kyo, and newly-enrolled Momiji and Haru. After playing badminton until the sun sets, Yuki thought about the things he had always wanted: a parent who would hold him close, a home he wanted to return to, a place where he could laugh with everyone, a "himself" that no one would leave, as well as a warm place and a warm person, which he had come to find in Tohru.[16]

Third Year Arc

When Tohru falls from a cliff and is hospitalized, Yuki looks after her until the ambulance arrives. He also visits her in the hospital on many occasions to keep her company. However, upon realizing that Kyo had not visited Tohru even once, he was enraged. Partly because he had made Tohru cry, and because Yuki acknowledged that Kyo was much more capable than anyone else. Yuki later confronts Kyo at home and consequently beats him up about not going to see Tohru in hospital, how Yuki idolized Kyo and wanted to be like him, and about how much he really made Tohru happy. After the confrontation, the two boys began seeing eye-to-eye, and after Yuki heard that Kyo idolized him too, Yuki broke down in tears.[9]

As Yuki returns to school, he is shocked to realize that he hasn’t really been struggling that much with Tohru’s absence that much. This is thanks to, as Yuki describes, the support of people around him, specifically Kakeru and Machi. Thanks to their support, Yuki also realizes how self-aware he has become and how much he has grown. Then Machi calls him up out of the blue for a little impromptu gift exchange. Machi gives him fertilizer while Yuki gives her a Mogeta figurine. Towards the end of their meeting, Machi is able to confess to Yuki, and they finally realized that they needed one another to be complete.[7]

As time went on, Yuki began thinking that he wanted to tell Machi about the Sohma Curse and his own history as the Rat. Despite the risks and the fact that he could only hope that she'd would accept him, he also expresses how he wants to be with her forever. At a later date, Yuki calls Machi and asks her to meet him at a certain spot.[17] As Yuki was getting ready to tell Machi the truth, his curse breaks unexpectedly, so he instead embraces and confesses his feelings towards her. Machi asks him if she could call him by his first name, to which Yuki happily accepts and kisses her.[18] They soon become a couple, and they visit Kakeru and his girlfriend Komaki Nakao together.[19]


Towards the end, Yuki gives Machi the key to the apartment he will be staying in while he attends college. When she rejects it, he jokingly attempts to throw it out of the window. This made Machi flustered and she embarrassingly accepts the key. Machi then expresses that she will lonely once Yuki graduates and moves away to attend college, but she also tells him that she'll catch up to him. Yuki is happy by hearing this and replies that he'll wait for her.

At the end of the day, Yuki goes home to Shigure's house for the last time. He and Kyo casually greet one another, and Yuki asks him if he could speak to Tohru in private. Kyo tells him that Tohru is in the living room, and before making his way there, Yuki tells Kyo to stay level-headed and calls him a "stupid cat". This puts a smile on Kyo's face, and he, in turn, explains that he needs no looking after and calls Yuki "stupid rat". This makes Yuki smile as well.

When Yuki sees Tohru and is welcomed home by her, he is endeared by the gesture since he wouldn't be able to hear a "welcome home" from her anymore. He goes on to explain how happy he is for her sake, and how much her kindness, strength, encouragement, and support has helped him grow into the man he is today. In connection to this, Yuki is finally able to tell Tohru his true feelings: that she had existed as a mother-figure for him. Although he is a bit embarrassed about his true feelings, he expresses how grateful he is for meeting Tohru and how she has been by his side. Yuki repeatedly thanks Tohru for everything she has done and finally calls her by name: "Tohru", and they exchange a handshake. This makes Tohru, overwhelmed with emotions, cry. The scene fades out to one of many memories Yuki shared with Tohru, Kyo, and Shigure in their house.[10]

The Three Musketeers Arc

He is shown hand in hand with Machi while they are on a date. It is mentioned by Ayame that when Yuki had his first kiss, Ayame sent him a bouquet of flowers to congratulate him, and although Yuki thanked him, he also comically told him to never to something similar again. He also talks with Ayame on the phone and tells him to "lay down in his eternal slumber", comically distressing Machi.[20]

Fruits Basket Another

Mutsuki's Family

Yuki and his family.

At some point, Yuki married Machi, having one son named Mutsuki Sohma between them. Mutsuki mentions that Yuki and Machi are very loving parents, and that they have a family tradition of waking up early whenever the snow would pile up, and then make trails of footprints in the snow. Thereafter, they would have breakfast together as a family.

When Mutsuki entered middle school, Yuki told him about the Sohma family and its former Curse, as well as his own history as the Rat. Mutsuki then expresses how he was happy that Yuki had told him, and then tells Yuki about how he was glad that he and Machi were his parents, that he is glad that he lives with them, and lastly that their home is the place he always wants to come home to, since it was always fun and warm. Upon hearing this, Yuki breaks down in tears and Machi comforted him. It was this day that Mutsuki realized that people cry when they are happy, too.[21]

Silhouette of Kyo, Tohru, Machi and Yuki

Silhouettes of Yuki and the others.

Yuki is also seen in a memory flashback as silhouettes with Tohru, Kyo, Machi, Hajime's unknown younger brother as Mutsuki played with Hajime when they were younger. Mutsuki mentions that it must be very special for Yuki and Kyo to see Mutsuki and Hajime, their sons, get along as well as they do, especially considering their initial antagonized relationship as teenagers.[22]

As stated by Mutsuki, he lived with his parents in town until he moved from home to attend the school they attended, Kaibara High. Mutsuki mentions that even though their home is very clean now (as opposed to both Yuki and Machi's messy rooms during their teenage years), they have a "secret" that no one knows about. Mutsuki is also very messy and proudly admits that he takes after his parents in that aspect.[23]

Differences from the source material

  • Yuki's appearance differs between the manga and the anime adaptions:
    • The 2001 anime depicts him with purple hair and matching purple eyes.
    • In the 2001 anime, his school uniform is black instead of dark blue like in the manga and 2019 anime.
  • In the manga, Yuki was verbally, emotionally, psychologically abused by Akito in the manga. In the 2001 anime, he is also shown to have been physically abused, as he was whipped by Akito as well.
  • Yuki's hat is completely removed from the 2001 anime, leaving no connection between him and Tohru.
S1E26-2001 (59)

Yuki restrains Kyo in his true form.

  • Yuki's role in the true form arc in the 2001 anime is different from the manga and the 2019 anime.
    • When Kyo runs away after having his true form exposed, Kagura Sohma talks with Yuki, saying that only Tohru can help Kyo, which, in turn, convinces Yuki to find Tohru, due to his affection for her.
    • When they find Kyo, he lashes out at Tohru, but she is saved by Yuki, who restrains him. After Tohru was able to talk with him about the situation, she carries him home in her arms, with Yuki following.
      • In the manga and 2019 anime, Yuki only watches by the window and notices Tohru's view from the back as she is following Kyo. This specific moment is later crucial in Yuki's development. This possibility wouldn't exist in the 2001 anime.
    • The next day, Kagura is also seen treating Yuki's injuries from Kyo's attack.
  • Since the 2001 anime didn't cover the entire manga and since the manga was still ongoing while it still aired, there are notable differences in the ending:
    • Yuki among others also accompanies Tohru to the Sohma main residence to see Akito. Yuki and Shigure restrain Akito from hurting Tohru further when he lashes out at her, and when she begins to feel sympathetic, Akito eventually realizes that Tohru accepts the Sohma family curse.
    • The 2001 series ends on a bright future day with Tohru, Yuki, and Kyo back at the residence where they live.
  • It is also implied that Yuki genuinely and romantically loved Tohru in the 2001 anime, just like Kyo loved her. This is also due to the fact that the revelation that Yuki actually had been seeing in a "mother-figure" in her hadn't been revealed in the manga. Towards the end of the series, Yuki realizes how much strength he had gained by loving Tohru.

The Rat of the Zodiac

Yuki is Cursed by the spirit of the Rat of the Zodiac. Whenever he is hugged by the opposite sex, or if his body goes through a great deal of stress, Yuki transforms into his Chinese Zodiac form. Like all the Cursed Sohmas, their respective animals are drawn to them; and in Yuki's case, Rats. The Rat is the first of all zodiac animals.

He has grey-colored hair due to sharing similar traits with his animal, the Rat. In Chinese culture, Rats are clever, quick thinkers; successful, but content with living a quiet and peaceful life, which applies to Yuki rather well.

The Rat of the Zodiac is considered to be the closest to "God", and therefore seen as a sign of wealth and surplus. According to the Chinese Zodiac, the order would be decided by the order in which they arrived at his party. The Rat tricked the Ox into giving him a ride. Then, just as they arrived at the finish line, Rat jumped down and landed ahead of Ox, becoming first.

It is later revealed in the true Chinese Zodiac Legend that the Rat drank God's water willingly and first out of everyone. The water was a spell that would make all the Zodiacs and God's friendship last for all eternity, that they would be reborn again and again and no matter how many times they were reborn the bond of their friendship would remain.

Because of being born as the Rat, Yuki automatically became one of the highest members of the Zodiac. However, his parents took advantage of Yuki's position to earn the wealth for themselves, and they sold Yuki; the Rat, off to Akito; the God. Because of this, Yuki was abused by Akito for most of his childhood, and was not able to take part in any other activities, since he had to be bound with Akito at all times.

When Yuki's curse broke, he was subconsciously aware of it and broke down in tears. Although he was left with a bittersweet feeling, he was finally able to hug Machi and mentioned that doing so was more than enough. Yuki's curse was the last and overall thirteenth to break.[24]

Creation and conception

According to Natsuki Takaya, when she was developing the series, Yuki was one of the first three characters she developed. To distinguish Yuki from Kyo and vice-versa, Takaya deliberately gave them different tastes in clothing.[25] When Takaya first drew Yuki, she thought he would be Fruits Basket’s second main character. She has also stated that despite Tohru being the main protagonist of the story, Yuki "carried the shows' themes" and that Fruits Basket is a story that showed the initiatory story of his.


  • According to the Fruits Basket Character Book:
    • Yuki and Kyo are the only cursed Sohmas whose names aren't part of the poetic names for the months of the year. Natsuki Takaya states that the origin of his name was that: "The sound Yuki just popped into my head."
    • Takaya states that she believes Chinese-style clothing suit Yuki's androgynous nature, and that she deliberately gave Yuki and Kyo different styles to distinguish them farther.
    • Yuki hates accessories, and likes wearing things with a thin and light feel.
    • Yuki's hands are so clumsy that he can't even fold paper cranes.
    • After Yuki opened to Kakeru, he tended to keep his nails shorter.
  • Yuki has a secret vegetable garden near Shigure's house. He calls it his "secret base", and no one besides Tohru knows about it. Apparently, Yuki's reason for growing vegetables are similar to Ayame's reasons for making clothes.
    • In Fruits Basket Another, Yuki's son, Mutsuki, has revived the garden.
  • Yuki is not a morning person. When he first wakes up, he is basically sleep-walking, though he is a far better fighter when he's half asleep. But if something pushes his buttons, he will snap awake.
  • Yuki is known for his bad cooking; Shigure once begged him not to cook.
  • Saki points out that Kyo and Yuki's great dislike for each other is similar to a cat and mouse (especially since they are the zodiacs of the cat and the rat).


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